Large Home Moving Box Bundle - 2500-3250 Sq Ft

Large Home Moving Box Bundle - 2500-3250 Sq Ft

SKU: 34BD120

This one is our "Griswolds" package. Hero? Antihero? It's a fine line for the good old American dad, and Clark Griswold epitomizes the struggle. Say what you want about him, but you can't deny that he set his family up in some pretty sweet digs. Large enough to put up both sets of in laws over the holidays. Now if he can only get that pool put in...


This package was created for moving a home in the 2500 - 3250 square foot range. You may want to throw in some extra ala carte boxes if you are at the upper end of that spectrum. Or you can always add them later if you run out, we will have them there in 2 days or less! The moving box bundle includes:



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All of our boxes are Professional Grade & Certified 32 ECT Quality C Flute - 65 Lbs maximum gross weight -manufactured right here in Dallas.



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