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Why Hire Professional Packers?

Most of us know that moving is a big job that requires a lot of time and effort. The moving checklist can seem endless. One of the first things on your list, of course, is packing up the house. Packing up your entire home can seems like a daunting task (probably because it is!).

This is where professional packers swoop in to save the day! Read on for the top reasons to hire someone to pack your home, and contact us to get your packing underway!

1- You’ll save time, and lots of it!

Packing up your entire home by yourself could take weeks especially if you work full time and/or have small ones at home. Think about the painstaking process of constructing boxes, carefully wrapping each item, organizing items in boxes, and don’t even mention the kitchen- eek! What takes you hours, takes a professional packer minutes. This is what they do for a living, so they know the most efficient ways to go about packing your home.

2- Minimize damage to your belongings

As the name suggests, Professional Packers are exactly that- professionals! They are actually trained in the most efficient and safest way to pack your belongings. They have specific methods for wrapping and packing different items and tested ways of placing your things in boxes. They know what items need packing paper as opposed to bubble wrap and even what size bubble wrap to use on different items. The result? You arrive at your new home with all of your belongings intact! This is the goal, after all, right?

3- No figuring out and running around for moving boxes and supplies

This is a BIG one! At Blackbird, we hear time and time again how grateful customers are to have their packing supplies figured out and delivered to their front door. When your professional packers plan the supplies, you can be confident that you’ll have just what you need for the specific size and contents of your home. Professional packers use appropriately sized boxes to fit moving trucks, so the trucks can be packed in the safest, most efficient manner. Also, who wants to make multiple trips to the big box stores loading up on boxes only to get home and realize you forgot the packing tape!? No thanks! And… packers who work with Blackbird know that we will buy back any unused supplies, so you only have to pay for exactly what you use. Another win!

4- Stress-free packing

Ok, you will still have some stress involved with your move, but hiring professional packers cuts out a huge portion of that stress. Kids, work, home, and a multitude of commitments keep your days full and busy. Having someone pack up your home for your move saves you both physical and mental stress, and gives you the peace of mind knowing that your belongings will be well cared for by folks who do this for a living. They’ll get it done with care and they’ll get it done FAST!

For these and many more reasons, if you decide to go the professional packers route, give us a call and we can set you up with the perfect packers for you.

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