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7 Ways to Keep Your Summer Move - Cool!

Updated: May 14, 2020

☀️ Summer is the busiest time of year for moving, so we thought we’d share a few tips we’ve heard from Dallas’ top movers:

  1. Moving costs are higher in the summer, so first decide on moving company vs. moving yourself. You’ll of course want to consider the size of your move. If you go with movers, make sure to schedule them well in advance of moving day.

  2. Organize an epic yard sale to purge the things you don’t want or need. Box up the remaining items for donation.

  3. Order your boxes and have them delivered to your door! About 5-10 fewer errands on your list and so much easier than loading your car up with all those boxes!

  4. Packing well in advance will help you avoid the stress of moving week. We’ve learned from many local movers that one thing that slows them down is folks still trying to pack things up while they are trying to load the truck.

  5. Be aware of heat sensitive items that might sit in the truck for a while: candles, perishables, electronics, albums, artwork, etc…

  6. If you have children, they’ll probably be around for your summer move, so get them involved and make it fun for them. Give older kids some packing responsibilities, and let younger kids throw all their toys in boxes.

  7. Beat the summer heat by scheduling your move first thing in the morning, and don’t forget to stay hydrated by keeping the water flowing for you and your movers.

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Think cool thoughts, you've got this!!

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