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Partner Spotlight- Professional Organizers

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

As we’ve all spent much more time at home for the past 7 months, many of us have become acutely aware of how disorganized our homes and home offices are. Have you found yourself feeling frustrated at the chaos that surrounds you, even if it’s just one closet in your home? Do you feel overwhelmed when you look at your surroundings wondering where to start? Does trying to come up with a plan immediately send your stress level skyrocketing?

If any of the above speaks to you, it sounds like you need a Professional Organizer in your life- stat!! The job of a professional organizer is not simply to come in and tell you where to hang your denim, how to arrange your shoes, or help you organize your drawers. Thankfully, they do all of this, but this is not ALL they can help you with.

Just take a look at this list of tasks that Professional Organizers we work with can take care of for you:


Most importantly (we think), organizers can help streamline your day to day life. From knowing where to find your keys to controlling daily clutter like mail, schoolwork, paperwork and even helping with weekly meal prep plans. How invaluable would it  be to avoid stressing about these things and be able to spend more relaxed and quality time with your family (and how about more quality time for yourself, too?!)


Going through closets, purging items, going through inherited items, sorting through kids toys and clothes. All of this can be super draining on your emotions. Not knowing what to keep or where to put it, feeling guilty about getting rid of items you have an emotional attachment to. This is the tough stuff organizers are well equipped for and ready to deal with. They’ll listen to the reason you are holding on to that one tiny baby sock and tell you where to put it!


Moving homes can be such an exciting time that may happen a dozen times in your life or just a few. Whether you’ve been in your house for 5 years or 25 years, moving is a hassle- plain and simple. Most professional organizers offer moving services. They will help organize your move and ensure your belongings arrive at their destination in the most safe, cost effective, and efficient way. How nice would it be to have someone else safely pack up all the things in all the rooms?! AND they’ll unpack on the other end, and help you set up and organize your things.


Your organizer won’t just make your space look pretty then bail on you. One of the amazing parts of their job is to TEACH you methods for staying organized long after they’ve left your home.

At Blackbird, we LOVE the professional organizers we work with because they take the utmost pride and care in their jobs. They walk into a job without judgment and guarantee confidentiality, so you can have complete peace of mind while they get to work helping you achieve complete order and peace in your home.

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