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Moving During the Covid19 Pandemic? We're Here to Help!

As we all know, packing and moving is a stressful time. Throw in a global pandemic, and your move becomes exponentially more stressful and complicated. Instead of just worrying about getting your belongings from point A to point B (unharmed, we hope), you now have to worry about staying safe, keeping your family healthy, sanitizing, contactless everything, and possibly questioning your move altogether! So, we are here for you as you start your next adventure, we applaud you and think you’ve totally got this! We have put together some tips for you to keep in mind as you start your packing and moving journey. We’re hoping these will help ease your stress and help you feel more comfortable with the whole “moving during a pandemic” process- start to finish.


· You should first decide whether you are using a mover or moving yourself. If you are most comfortable packing your own things during this uncertain time, you can always hire a mover to do the heavy lifting and hauling after you’ve packed up your things.

· Another way to minimize exposure and contact would be to use a moving container. You pack your things, you pack the container, and then you simply have someone transport it to your new location.

· If you find yourself tight on time, you can always hire a professional organizer to pack up your home then have a moving company pack your things in the truck and transport them. This comes with the added benefit of wonderfully organized boxes to unpack!


· If you decide to use a moving company or professional organizer to pack your home, make sure you communicate about safety protocols. Will they bring their own sanitizing supplies, wear masks, follow the health of employees by taking temperatures often and watching for signs of illness?

· It’s also a good idea to ask about policies on schedule changes, cancellations, and refunds.

· Ask your organizer or mover if they can set up a virtual quote via face time or zoom to minimize people in your home.


· During the packing process, always follow CDC guidelines for yourself and your family, and ensure the packers and movers are doing the same. This includes wearing a mask, washing hands often, making sanitizer available, and keeping a safe distance from non-family members.

· It is a really smart idea to avoid recycled or used boxes as we know that the virus can live on cardboard. Fresh new boxes are the way to go right now (with free deliver from Blackbird, of course!)

· Make sure to sanitize heavily touched surfaces (light switches, door knobs, etc) after the movers or packers have finished packing for the day.


· Have a professional cleaning crew clean and sanitize your home before move in day.

· What does unpacking look like for you? Will you have movers unpack and disinfect everything? This could get costly, but if you’re short on time, it could be the best option for you.

· The professional organizers we mentioned earlier also offer unpacking services. They’ll unpack AND organize your things, which is a super nice bonus!

· Will you unpack everything yourself? If you choose this option, it’s best to leave the boxes untouched for 24 hours after they are loaded into your new home. You should pack immediate essentials in a clearly labeled box and make sure you wipe down that box and all items in it.

Moving homes can be exciting, but mostly we know it’s a huge pain. We hope these tips help make packing and moving during this current climate just a little bit easier for you

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