Moving Box Price Comparisons

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Why rent trucks or make multiple trips to a big box lugging around moving boxes when they can be waiting for you when you get home from work? With just a few clicks Blackbird will deliver high quality boxes and moving supplies to your door in two days or less. AND if you order too many boxes, we will buy back and pick up the unused boxes from your doorstep. If you order too few, just hop back on the site and click, more boxes. NO delivery charges ever.

Blackbird Moving Box Pricing vs. "Big Box" Stores

Blackbird Moving Boxes

FREE 2 Day Doorstep Delivery in DFW

Home Depot Box Pricing

Go to store, wander aisles, haul everything home

  • 1-2 Bedroom Moving & Packing Supplies $240

  • 3-4 Bedroom Moving & Packing Supplies $425

U-haul Box Pricing

Go to store and haul everything home

  • 1-2 Bedroom Moving & Packing Supplies $177

  • 3-4 Bedroom Moving & Packing Supplies $265