Blackbird now also offers professional packing services at great pricing! Let us provide the boxes, supplies, AND the packing and save you the stress and hassle. Call or email us for a free quote for your home.


We also work closely with some of the best moving companies in the metroplex. We can connect you with the one that fits your move and can coordinate the pack and move so everything goes smoothly.

Moving Boxes - Delivered!

Blackbird Box Company delivers moving boxes and supplies right to your door in Dallas - Fort Worth for FREE!

We know packing and moving is a stressful time and we want to make that as simple as possible. Choose from one of our moving supply packages to fit your square footage, and we'll deliver the supplies you need right to your door! 

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Packages available for any size household from large to small

Can't beat our prices or quality

Free delivery in Dallas/Fort Worth

in 2 days or less

How many boxes do I need?

Order too many moving boxes?

We'll buy back and pick up any unused boxes within 30 days

Moving Box Packages for Living Spaces of Every Size

Apartment Package

(750-1250 sq ft)

10 Small boxes

10 Medium boxes

3 Large boxes

1 XL boxes


Packing supplies

Small Home

(1250-1750 sq ft)

15 Small boxes

20 Medium boxes

5 Large boxes

3 XL boxes


Packing supplies

& Speciality boxes

Large Home

(2500-3250 sq ft)

25 Small boxes

30 Medium boxes

10 Large boxes

5 XL boxes


Packing supplies

& Speciality boxes

XL Home

(4000+ sq ft)

35 Small boxes

35 Medium boxes

10 Large boxes

5 XL boxes


Packing supplies

& Speciality boxes


Why Use Blackbird Box Company?

  • Home Remodeling

  • De-cluttering

  • Moving

  • Relocating

and more!

It doesn't matter if you're moving, decluttering, or just reorganizing your space, we'll bring the boxes!


Box Delivery and Returns

All local. All good.

We guarantee free two-day or faster delivery in Dallas - Fort Worth on all orders placed before 6pm. You'll get an email or text with a photo of your boxes after they've been delivered.

Did you buy too many boxes? No worries, my friend.  We buy back any unused packing boxes at the same price that we sold them to you—and we will come pick them up.

How can we do all of this?  This sort of service can only be made possible by our midsize army of drones. Just kidding, we just don't sleep much at Blackbird Box Company.


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